What 55 means to us...

By Ross Kilvington
 March 8, 2021

Glasgow Rangers fc Champions

As I sit here writing this with a glass of champagne in hand, I can’t help but think back through the previous ten years and the journey we have all went through to get to this incredible day. You can forgive the emotion as I am nearing 30 and my ability to hold my alcohol has diminished severely!

I remember sitting in the pub on the 15th of April 2018 watching us against Celtic in the Scottish Cup semi, 2 nil down at half time and being absolutely destroyed in all areas of the park I couldn’t stomach it much longer and left to drown my sorrows somewhere else, somewhere that didn’t have the match on!

I felt we were lightyears away from even a win against them, never mind winning the title. It was the lowest we could go and they looked set to dominate for years. We needed a turnaround that we had never had before in order to provide a challenge to the mob from across the city. When Gerrard was announced I had mixed feelings, obviously one of the finest midfielders of the previous 20 years would be rocking up at Ibrox and if that didn’t motivate the players then what will? On the other hand, he was fresh off his first job as Liverpool under 18’s boss, hardly setting the managerial world on fire. I can safely say that he has proved me wrong, the first year or so had its teething problems don’t get me wrong. The less said the better about our post Dubai performances last year too, but this season has been incredible, the one season we had to get right or Rangers would never hear the end of it, the pressure to win the title must have been off the scale. It makes it that wee bit sweeter.

Glasgow Rangers fc Champions

I have seen us win the league at Parkhead in ’99 (well listen on the radio with my dad as an enthusiastic 8 year old!) witness us win the league on final day showdowns in 2003 and 2005. I have been through the Celtic dominance under Strachan and watching my team in a  UEFA Cup final whilst going onto to win three in a row, but I never thought today would top any of those.  Seeing us win that final title under Smith in 2011, if you told me that it would be our last for ten years I would have told you to behave, it’s been a rollercoaster and a half.

My daughter has just turned two, she doesn’t know the significance of today, and she won’t understand it for years to come, but it will be etched in my memory forever.  One day she will ask where she was when we won our first title in ten years, ending Celtics dominance and (hopefully) starting our own dynasty. She is blissfully unaware of how momentous a day this is, one day I can tell her just how much it meant to her dad and thousands of other Rangers supporters, it doesn’t get better than this let me tell you.

The journey has been a rough one, to Brechin and back, under McCoist, McCall and Warburton, to a hedge in Luxemburg under Caixinha and Murty doing amateur gymnastics in the dugout.  I thought a title win was light years away, Gerrard just understands our club and what winning the league means to everyone associated with it. He has written his way into the annals of our history and this day will never be forgotten.

Enjoy it everyone, this is just the start

Glasgow is blue again.

Written by Ross Kilvington (@Kilvington91)

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