SK Slavia Prague - Match Preview

By Adam Robertson
 March 10, 2021

Have we all recovered yet? What a weekend by the way.

SK Slavia Prague v Glasgow Rangers match report

Thursday sees the might Glasgow Rangers grace the European stage once again this season, a competition that we have been nothing short of sensational in. Our opponents are SK Slavia Prague of the Czech Republic, personally, my only experience of them has been pumping them twice in the Europa League Group Stages on Football Manager 2021.

Luckily for me I was put in touch with Kryštof Gogela (thanks to 4 Lads Had a Dream & Mhairi McKenzie for sorting this), a Czech FIFA Ambassador and founder of Halftime (@officialhalftime on Instagram). Kryštof gave us a great insight into what we should expect from the Czech outfit and what particular players to look out for.

“Slavia has been the best team of the Czech league for a couple of years now. They are currently leading the league with an 11-point advantage on Sparta Prague and are yet to lose”.

“This may have however not been the case as after the game against Leicester they played FC Slovácko in the Czech league and had to make a comeback from losing 1-2 to actually win 3-2”.

SK Slavia Prague v Glasgow Rangers match report

Kryštof then gave me some insight into the history of SK Slavia Prague and how they have faired in European completion.

“Slavia is one of the oldest clubs in Europe, founded in 1892. They played 170 European games in their history and hold a positive win-loss ratio in the Europa League”.

“The club used to be a usual part of the Europa League/UEFA Cup for pretty much the whole 2000s, however they found themselves in crisis in early 2010s and it took them until 2017 to get back to European football where they have been doing quite well lately”.

“Just remember their fantastic 2018-19 Europa League run where they made it all the way to the Quarter Final against Chelsea in which they lost but made a great overall impression about Czech football”.

I asked Kryštof if SK Slavia Prague had overachieved in the Europa League this season by reaching the last 16.

“They were for sure expected to make it through the group stage. Some people didn’t believe they could make it through to the Round of 32 when they were drawn against Leicester though”.

My thoughts then went to Slavia’s danger men, who were the players that could hurt the Rangers side?

“There are quite a few but I’d say that Abdallah Sima is the one you should keep a special eye out on. He is a great product of the scouts of FC Táborsko and has been truly breaking everyones’ expectations. His value has been skyrocketing lately and is now at around €30M”.

“He is multi-talented but if I should pick out anything, it’s his pace. I personally feel that there is not anything that could stop him so, good luck”.

SK Slavia Prague v Glasgow Rangers match report

Having got to know their danger man I asked for a bit of insight on the current SK Slavia Prague manager, who was he and what makes him tick?

“Jindřich Trpišovský is widely regarded to be the best manager here. The rise back of Slavia has come under his management. I remember that in the interview after the Leicester game he said that he’d love to get his team drawn against Rangers as he wanted to come back to the British Islands”.

I’d heard a lot about the team and how well they’ve been doing, so I decided to ask Kryštof if the SK Slavia Prague team had any particular weaknesses.

“Lately, there have been talks that the defence is not that rock solid as it used to be. Corner kicks might be the situations you should prepare for if you want to win. I would personally add that one of the biggest weaknesses of Slavia are free kicks as well”.

“I think that it will be a very tight match. There is no clear favourite, however people are more scared about Rangers than they were about Leicester, I see that on social media”.

“I have a prediction but as I am highly superstitious, I will keep it to myself, haha. It should however be, as I said, very tight and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a no-goal performance from either side”.

SK Slavia Prague v Glasgow Rangers match report

As mentioned above Kryštof is the founder of the Halftime project. Halftime is a newly created project with the aim of getting people motivated through motivational quotes and stories, all related to football.

You can find Halftime on Facebook and Instagram using the handle @officialhalftime.

Whatever happens on Thursday night we know it’s going to be an entertaining game, especially with Rangers involved.

Thanks for reading.

Written by Adam Robertson (@thisisibrox)

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