Sandy Jardine

By Adam Robertson
 September 17, 2020

Sandy Jardine - What It Takes

Sandy Jardine - What It Takes

For most of my generation and younger, Sandy Jardine was the epitome of what it takes to be a 'Ranger'. This quiet example of humility, class and perseverance whilst wearing the club tie. From the understated matchday hospitality guest to being the standard bearer for the club he loved in its most perilous hour, Jardine gave the youth a link to the past at a time when the future was less than certain. 

For my father's generation, he showed the same kind of class whilst wearing the club jersey, arriving at just 16 years of age and playing through dark times on and off the park before eventually bring light to thousands in Barcelona and then, with a 'player of the year' campaign, finally returning the league flag home.

Like others, Jardine would be rewarded for their enduring patience in lean years with two trebles in quick succession. His sad passing in 2014 was felt by thousands of fans, regardless of age, because his life was evidence that not every professional footballer is simply hired help whose story ends the moment that they pack up their boots.

For some, the association is much more than that and lives on far beyond us all.

Martyn Ramsay - @hobbes_ff

Rangers fc charity foundation - legends challenge

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