Richard Gough

By Adam Robertson
 September 17, 2020

Richard Gough - True Leader

Richard Gough - True Leader

Richard Gough was a true leader on the park, one of only three players to collect a winner’s medal in all of the nine in a row seasons. He bled for the club, both metaphorical and literally, putting the team before anything else.

During his first spell with the club, he won everything there was to be won. After ending his time with the club in May 1997, he moved to the MLS. Although in October of the same year, Rangers were plagued by injuries and the lure of Ibrox again was too tempting to turn down. His second spell wasn’t nearly as successful as his first.

One thing is for sure, he will go down as one of the greatest defenders in the clubs esteemed history.

Ross Kilvington - @Kilvington91

Rangers fc charity foundation - legends challenge

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