Richard Gough

By Adam Robertson
 September 24, 2020

Richard Gough - Old School Defender

Richard Gough - Old School Defender

What more can be said about Richard Gough that hasn't already been said by most of the the other writers on This Is Ibrox.

Richard was a warrior someone who would put his body on the line every single game to make sure the team got the win & will go down as one of the greatest leaders on and off the pitch at our great football club.

The great man returned to the club in 1997 to help at a time when we needed a proper old school defender and his winning goal against Celtic in the league summed the man up for me even at the age of 35 he was still the best player on the park & that's why he will go down as of one of the greatest players ever to pull on a Rangers jersey.

William Irwin - @spatestonbear2

Rangers fc charity foundation - legends challenge

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