Richard Gough

By Adam Robertson
 September 30, 2020

Richard Gough - Leaders Don’t Fake It

Richard Gough - Leaders Don’t Fake It

What makes a real leader? Sound bites? Turning up for the big moments only? Putting yourself first? Wearing short sleeves in cold weather?


Leading by example, imposing your will on the chaos of your opponent, turning up every time no matter the foe no matter the venue, putting the bigger institution before yourself. 

Understanding your obligations.

If you could put that bold text above into a jersey it’d be Richard Gough. Always there, always forceful, always someone above the fray. A rock the blue sea of Ibrox could swell around. A captains captain.

Cruelly robbed of more National caps by narrow minded fools; never undervalued by his club’s fans who knew a real leaders worth.

Tommy McIntyre - @tommynglasgow

Rangers fc charity foundation - legends challenge

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