The Saga Continues: Rangers vs SFA

By Sam Sneddon
 April 10, 2020

The battle continues. The war between Rangers and the Scottish footballing authorities looks to continue into a state of unceasing conflict. You'd think that a worldwide pandemic, rising global death tolls, and collapsing economies would put the greed of a particular club on standby. The illustrious 'eight and-three-quarters in-a-row' is an incredible achievement that a football club would want to grasp at any moment. Pushing past our fantastic NHS workers and brushing aside the corpses of those who have fell victim to this awful virus to claim a competition that is yet to finish, is, of course, the way forward in eyes that are green, and white with envy. The petty arguments over who deserves the trophy must come to an end. And I see very few clubs who care. Would I be biased in saying that Rangers are doing the right thing?

If this season cannot conclude (which it seems inevitable to be the case), then the league must be null and void. Usain Bolt didn't break the 100-metre sprint record by running 75 metres.

We aren't battling directly with Celtic. Though looking at that SFA board, it does appear so. There is little point in me updating you on the feud between those voting against the SPFL proposal, as at the rate of text messages, statements are sent. The teams who seem to have their phones on aeroplane mode are Ross County and Hibs, who are yet to declare their vote on whether the league should be awarded to Celtic, and Hearts relegated.

Someone must look to those governing our football and see that it's transparent to understand who the SFA and the SPFL are protecting. Give us 38 games played in full, or no season at all. People are dying, but an asterisk-marked title is all that seems to be the focus.

Stay tuned. Keep focused. Because the SFA are about to be exposed, again.

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