Paul Gascoigne

By Adam Robertson
 September 23, 2020

Paul Gascoigne - Where Do You Start

Paul Gascoigne - Where Do You Start?

Where do you start? Gazza burst into our lives in the summer of 1994. He instantly made a then 8 year old me equally famous as well with that peroxide blond hairdo so we were destined to get along just fine.

I hadn’t had much experience of watching Gazza play by that stage, save for a few passing glimpses at Football Italia on a Sunday after ok but speaking to my dad and uncles and reading the papers it was clear this was a huge deal.

He introduced himself at that Ibrox pre-season tournament and a star was born. Gazza also gave me my first experience of a last day title win in 1995, something I’ve been lucky enough to experience a few times since. But you never forget your first.

Sitting in the Govan Rear directly across from Gazza as he picked up the ball in his own half at 1-1 vs Aberdeen is a feeling I’ll never forget. Passed one player, two, battling with two defenders and shrugging them off, you see the space opening up in front of him in slow motion as Ibrox makes that indescribable noise when everyone stands and the seats clatter closed. Gazza’s left foot. Rangers 8th title in a row. The best feeling ever as an eight year old and probably still in my top 5 Rangers experiences if I’m honest.

There were highs and there were lows but I consider it an honour and a life experience to have witnessed Paul Gascogne playing for Rangers. Similar to Messi, Gazza would never be the finest athlete but he was such such a talent with the ball at his feet and that’s the beauty of football. A maverick genius capable of doing unbelievable things on the football pitch.

Adam Thornton - @adamski152

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