Paul Gascoigne

By Adam Robertson
 September 13, 2020

Paul Gascoigne - Superstar

Paul Gascoigne - Superstar

The day Rangers signed Gazza from Lazio in a £4.3 million deal is a day ingrained in my memory.

I'm sure I wasn't alone in saying "you're shitting me?" Or ""pack it in mate and stop taking the piss.' to your fellow Rangers fans and mates.

A true superstar of the world game. The best player at the World Cup in Italy a few years before, and quite honestly one of the finest midfielders on the planet.

A gebuine footballing icon.

Thousands turned up to greet him that day and you could tell instantly that he loved it and was going to take Rangers close to his heart.

What a player. Easily the most talented midfielder I've ever seen at Ibrox.

He could run past players as if they weren't there, play the simple pass when needed and put the ball through the eye of a needle to pick out a striker or a runner. He scored more than his fair share too.

Possibly his biggest highlight was an extraordinary performance against Aberdeen at Ibrox where he scored a hat trick. Two incredible solo efforts and a penalty to finish. Rangers won their eighth title in a row that day and Gazza won that game on his own.

He just took it by the scruff of the neck and destroyed Aberdeen on the day. They had no answer.

The way he bossed games and could see things other mere mortal players couldn't see marked him out as world class.

Paul Gascoigne was a genuine world star. A true talent and he loved his time with our club. We were lucky to witness such brilliance.

One of, of not the most talented players I've ever had the privilege to see.

Ninja - @NinjaMan54

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