Paul Gascoigne

By Adam Robertson
 September 2, 2020

paul gascoigne rangers and england legend
paul gascoigne rangers fc and england legend

The Genius of Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne

Growing up in England my footballing idols alongside Barry Ferguson were Steven Gerrard of Liverpool and Paul Gascoigne of Everton (at that time. Gazza played his best football when I was probably too young to really understand. I was only 3 when he arrived at Ibrox with his bleach blonde hair, scenes.

My love for Gazza most likely came from my father, a life long Rangers supporter, who waxed lyrical about the genius of Paul Gascoigne. My grandfather also kept a lot of old programmes and Rangers books that I would read over and over again week in week out, many of these included a lot about Gazza's time at Rangers. I was in awe of the Englishman's talents.

I studied Gazza throughout my youth and modelled my own game on him. I loved the attention I would get for my footballing abilities, like Gazza I always played with a smile on my face.  

In 2010 I got 'One Night in Turin' as a Christmas Present and I've got to be honest, I shed a tear when I saw Gazza break down during that game against Germany, a truly inspirational player that took every young fan across the UK on the journey with him.

Gazza was simply the best of his generation and England haven't produced anything near him since.

Adam Robertson - @thisisibrox

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