Paul Gascoigne

By Adam Robertson
 September 16, 2020

Paul Gascoigne - Fearless

Paul Gascoigne - Fearless

Even when adjusted to three points for a win, the best league campaign during 9IAR, in terms of average points tally, was the eighth. The previous two seasons were poorest, almost as if Smith's side took a post-treble breather when they could afford to and still win the title. The catalyst wasn't difficult to spot, his bleached blonde hair and outrageous individual talent marking him out from the rest. Where Laudrup played football with a serenity and poise straight from the Bolshoi, Paul Gascoigne never really left the streets. Where Laudrup's genius was often about finding space from nowhere, Gascoigne's was a fearless trust of his close control as he drove into the heart of the opposition. Never was that better demonstrated than his title-winning tour de force performance against Aberdeen at Ibrox, the second goal of his hat-trick rendering 21 other players completely redundant in a hitherto team sport. 

Our hero worship was counterproductive as we projected an unrealistic vision of perfection on a vulnerable soul however, real worship it was. Paul Gascoigne was the greatest footballer I ever saw play for Rangers. His signing was the biggest in the history of the Scottish game and I bought into it from the very start, waiting outside the main stand in the boiling July heat to see him paraded and to shake his hand. I was too young to fully appreciate the arrival of Souness, I was perfectly placed to understand this. Two months earlier Celtic had finally shown signs of resurgence. Galvanised by this signing, Rangers put the foot down and, with this ball of energy and intelligence from the middle of the park, were powered onto fabled glories.

Martyn Ramsay - @hobbes_ff

Rangers fc charity foundation - legends challenge

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