Michael Stewart

By This Is Ibrox
 February 24, 2020

Another day, another Michael Stewart rant. This time aimed towards the SFA but also manages to get a dig into talented Rangers midfielder Ciaran Dickson.

Now Michael raises some good points about the 3 person panel, something I hope the SFA can now get rid of and come up with another disastrous system before eventually joining the rest of the world and getting VAR.

Now this time Stewarts dig in a national newspaper is aimed towards a teenager trying to make his way in the world of football. The boys at a stage where he will be looking to force his way into Steven Gerrard's thoughts and into the first team squad at Rangers.

Stewart has decided to have a swipe at the boy who is ONLY 17 years old, SEVENTEEN.

The boy legally can’t even go into a restaurant or bar and order a nice cold beer, but Stewart decided to bring his name into the mix because the boy applauded the decision of Mr. Aitken?

Has Stewart actually failed to process just what happened to Mr. Traynor? Mr. Traynor was attacked a matter of days after Stewart had a complete and utter meltdown on one of the Scottish football radio shows.

The Scottish game is at boiling point. Who is to say Stewarts comments about the talented Rangers player won’t have a similar outcome?

The national broadcasters and newspapers who have been blowing a lot of meaningless words after a well known TV presenter sadly took her own life due to the relentless pressure and snide jibes that came her way. Meanwhile they give Michael a platform to bring a 17 year old kid into it all.

When I was 17 I was barely able to cope (like many other 17 years olds) with the normal run of the mill school rumours, let alone have a ‘pundit’ bring my name into the limelight via the SMSM. Michael could be putting this talented boy into a shell with his comments.

We’ve all done far worse things at 17, EVEN you Michael.

I mean what sort of person are you when you have to mention the young boy?

He could have gone down a number of routes but he decided to continue his attack on anything or anyone connected with Rangers. Unfortunately this will be regardless of age, so take cover.

The football that was played on a very wet and windy pitch in Inverness by both sides was exceptional, especially the young Rangers colts side who competed all over the park with a very experienced side who are currently 2nd in the Championship.

Hopefully we see Rangers come out again smash Stewart with the verbal bat, Stewarts agenda driven dribble can’t be given a platform such as national media outlets especially those outlets who consider themselves to be respectful.

Written by @BlackBear1972

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