Know Your RSC - Linlithgow Loyal RSC

By Adam Robertson
 April 19, 2020

As you know in our ‘Know Your RSC’ series we aim to provide supporters information on who their local RSC is, how to join them and their match day arrangements.

In this edition of 'Know Your RSC' we spoke with Linlithgow Loyal RSC.

1. When was the Linlithgow Loyal RSC formed?

Linlithgow Loyal RSC was formed in 2015.

2. How many current members does the Linlithgow Loyal RSC have?

Linlithgow Loyal RSC currently has around 80 members.

3. How would new members join the Linlithgow Loyal RSC? How would they contact the RSC?

The best way to contact us is to contact them through their Twitter page (@LLNSRSC) or on their Facebook page (

4. What events/functions does the Linlithgow Loyal RSC do?

We have previously held blue nights. We also take a full bus down to Blackpool for the Blackpool True Blues end of season party each year.

5. What arrangements does the Linlithgow Loyal RSC have for home and away games?

We have a bus that runs to all home games. We also have some sort of travel put on for away games too, sometimes a minibus or if tickets are scarce then we occasionally hook up with other RSC’s.

6. What’s your opinion on how Rangers could make the away ticket allocation scheme better for all supporters?

Not sure as we have differing opinions amongst our members.

7. Which member has the best claim to fame? What is it?

Martin Stein, son of Rangers Legend Colin Stein.

8. If Linlithgow Loyal RSC could adopt one player from Rangers' history who would it be and why?

Colin Stein, local lad & our honorary president.

9. Who is the current longest serving member and how many years is that?

Most of us have been here from the start. We have only been going for 5 years.

10. Does Linlithgow Loyal RSC have a motto?

Yes. No Surrender, not really anything original.

Thank you for Linlithgow Loyal RSC for their time in answering some question for the site.

Who will be next to join us for 'Know Your RSC'?

Written by Adam Robertson (@_adamrobertson)

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