Know your RSC - Larkhall Loyal RSC

By Adam Robertson
 March 17, 2020

This is the first in a series that we have been sitting on for a while now and how fitting for me we start with Larkhall Loyal RSC. Larkhall is where my grandfather was born and raised, my grandfather was my role model, my inspiration and the person who showed me what being a Rangers supporter was.

My grandfather told me many stories of his time in Larkhall, some that I probably shouldn't tell incase it gets a few people in trouble. It's a place that will always have a special place in my heart, from looking at photos of my grandfather in the Larkhall Purple Heroes to travelling up in the holidays to see family each year.

In our 'Know Your RSC' series we aim to provide supporters information on who their local RSC is, how to join them and their match day arrangements.

Interview date: Sunday 15th March 2020

When was the Larkhall Loyal RSC formed?

The Larkhall Loyal Rangers Supporters Club was formed in 1981.

How many current members does the Larkhall Loyal RSC have?

At the moment the Larkhall Loyal Rangers Supporters Club has around 55 members.

How would new members join the RSC? How would they contact the RSC?

New members will generally join by coming along to the bus and asking to join. We can also be contacted through social media platforms as well as emailing

Twitter: @LarkyLoyal1978

What events/functions does the Larkhall Loyal RSC do?

We have a few functions through the year in the back of the central bar in Larkhall. We mainly do these for charities or people who are going through a bad time as we like to give back to the community.

The Central Bar can be found in Larkhall, 79 Union St, Larkhall ML9 1DZ.

What arrangements does the Larkhall Loyal RSC have for home and away games?

We run a bus for every competitive home match and for most away games (depending on tickets available). The bus times are shared mainly on our Facebook page:

We have a few more RSCs lined up for the series, however if you or your RSC are interested drop us a DM on Twitter or Instagram or email on:

Written by Adam Robertson (@_adamrobertson)

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