John Greig

By Adam Robertson
 September 2, 2020

John Greig - The Greatest Ever Ranger
John greig glasgow rangers fc

John Greig - The Greatest Ever Ranger

The Greatest Ever Ranger, Mr Rangers and My Captain, just some of the words used to describe the legendary John Greig.

To those of you who got to see John Greig play for Rangers, I am truly jealous. Not only did you get to see a squad full of world class players, but you also got to see the best ever player in Rangers history. My grandfather often told me stories about the players of that generation and whenever a story about John Greig come up it was also about how good and professional he was, a true Ranger.

I've read some amazing stories of you guys meeting John Greig. The closet I have ever come to meeting him was when I sat in the Sandy Jardine stand for a game against Hibs. I wandered over just to take a look at the director's box, it was the first time I had sat in that stand, there sat John Greig. He turned around and noticed me staring at him, smiled and turned back to watch the match. You just know those moments where time stands still, that was one of them, I could only imagine what he was thinking. I later phoned my grandfather and told him that John Greig smiled at me during the game, he replied: "No one likes a fucking liar son"...

17 years a player at Ibrox winning 16 trophies, they don't make them like him anymore.

Adam Robertson - @thisisibrox

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