John Greig

By Adam Robertson
 September 13, 2020

John Greig - He's A Giant
John Greig

John Greig - He's A Giant

John Greig is Mr Rangers. What can you say about the man that epitomises everything about the club you love and have followed all your life?

John Greig is the greatest Ranger ever. He might not have been the greatest player we've ever had but he sure as Hell is the greatest man that ever adorned the Royal blue jersey.

A player, a captain, a manager and a director, John Greig has been at Ibrox for pretty much all of his adult life.

He's a giant. I once stood next to him, many, many years ago and I can honestly say I just withered, I crumbled.

The awe I hold the man in is akin to hero worship and I mean that with all my heart.

I'm sure I seen him play too. Unfortunately for me i don't really remember that as I was a very young kid at the time.

The man deserves more than a statue in my opinion, he should have the stadium named after him. He really is ingraimed in our history as much as Bill Struth or anyone else over the last sixty years.

As a player he won fifteen major honours with Rangers and of course was the captain in our proudest moment when winning the Cup Winners Cup in Barcelona.

He really is the colossus of our club. The term legend doesn't even begin to do him justice.

Ninja - @NinjaMan54

Rangers fc charity foundation - legends challenge

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