Jim Baxter

By Adam Robertson
 September 15, 2020

Jim Baxter - Simply The Best
Jim Baxter

Jim Baxter - Simply The Best

James Curran Baxter...

Regarded as one of Scotland’s greatest ever players, “Slim” was the epitome of everything Glasgow Rangers stood for.

Winning a breathtaking 10 trophies between 1960 and 1965, his achievements are something we could all only dream of and aspire to. 

In 18 old firm games, ten Scottish League, five League Cup and three Scottish Cup matches – he was only twice on the losing side

He was a fearless international, playing for Scotland from 1960-67 where Scotland were defeated by England, once. 

He was well known for his “unhurried artistry” style of play which didn’t conform to the physical and energetic style that Rangers played at the time. 

Baxter was confident in his own ability and famously described his use of the ball in an interesting context, like a woman...  - “Give it a cuddle, caress it a wee bit, take your time, and you'll get the required response”.

Voted one of the 100 greatest players of the 20th century, Baxter rightfully holds a place in the Rangers hall of fame. 

Some notable legends said this of Baxter:

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson described Baxter as "arguably the best player to play in Scottish football, the greatest player I ever played with ... He had touch, balance, vision and just this wonderful aura ..." 

Rangers manager Willie Waddell said, "Jim was the finest left half ever produced by Rangers." 

Jimmy Johnstone, who played for Rangers' great rivals Celtic, said shortly after Baxter's death, "He was a great man and a genius on the ball."

Allegedly Pelé once said that Baxter should have been a Brazilian.

After Baxter's performance in the 1963 "rest of the world" vs England match, Ferenc Puskás asked, "Where has this fellow been hiding?"

Shortly before his own death, George Best named Baxter as one of the best eleven players he had played with or against in an interview with FourFourTwo magazine.

Baxter sadly died in 2001 from Pancreatic cancer, but his legacy will forever live on in the minds of Rangers fans across the world. 

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