Jim Baxter

By Adam Robertson
 September 4, 2020

Jim Baxter - Rangers fc
Jim Baxter - Rangers fc

Jim Baxter - Simply The Best

Sadly, I never seen Jim Baxter play. Sure, I've seen the old grainy videos and clips of him but unfortunately for me I was too young to actually watch him play with my own eyes.

Due to that I thought I'd ask some friends that were going to Ibrox Park when Jim was in his pomp.

Here are a few things those friends of mine said about Jim Baxter...

"See the boy David Silva at Man City? He's a seven to Baxters' ten."

"Jim Baxter was absolutely the greatest player we ever had. Not by a distance the greatest Ranger but a better player than Gazza and Wilkins put TOGETHER."

"The finest display of any player I seen was the first half against a great Italian team when John Greig scored the winner with minutes to go. Baxter had just left Rangers then and was at the start of the downward spiral. I saw Pele, cryuff, Maradona, Puskas, De Stephano, Messi, Ronaldo, Charlton, Best, Eusebio, Masapust live and many others. Jim was the best midfielder ever."

"Genius. No other way to describe him."

"If you think Xavi and Iniesta were good, Baxter was better than the pair of them!"

There were other comments too, like Baxter couldve played for the greatest Brazil side of all time, which is high praise indeed.I wish I'd seen him, he sounds like some player. I'll just have to watch those old grainy clips again, sadly

Ninja - @NinjaMan54

Rangers fc charity foundation - legends challenge

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