Jim Baxter

By Adam Robertson
 September 6, 2020

Jim Baxter - My Grandfathers Hero
Jim Baxter

Jim Baxter - My Grandfathers Hero

My grandfather spoke highly of most Rangers players, but when it came to Jim Baxter you could see his excitement to tell the story. My grandfather idolised 'Slim Jim', there was no other player that could compare to him.

The stories naturally made me look into Baxter, mostly so that I could impress my grandfather with information on his hero. I would sit and watch the black and white footage of Rangers and Scotland just to see what Baxter was all about.

The one game that sticks to mind for me involving Jim Baxter was the match where Scotland became World Champions... well that's what my grandfather always told me. The match on 15 April 1967, between England and Scotland took place at Wembley. England had just won the FIFA World Cup and welcomed Scotland in a European Championship Group 8 match. I must have watched this game about 100 times, in awe of Jim Baxter bossing the midfield and making the World Champions look like Sunday League footballers.

Strange for an Englishmen to be cheering on Scotland but my Grandfather would have it no other way.

Jim Baxter will always remain my hero, because he was my Grandfathers hero.

Adam Robertson - @thisisibrox

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Jim Baxter

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