Davie Cooper

By Adam Robertson
 September 24, 2020

Davie Cooper - My Hero

Davie Cooper - My Hero

I've thoroughly enjoyed writing these blogs today and I have to confess to deliberately leaving Davie Cooper to last.

He's my hero you see. My favourite player. Not just my favourite Rangers player but my favourite ever player.

The man is a giant in my eyes. He's the reason I love Rangers more than any other.

My dad didn't like or follow football so I had no one to take me to the games when I was really young.

Eventually I nipped away enough at an older cousin about taking me to Ibrox. My uncle had taken me a year or so before and I fell in love with the place.

That walk along Edmiston Drive, I can still remember it to this day.

I have no clear recollections of that game and I'm not even sure who we were playing.

I did notice Davie Cooper though and asked my cousin who that guy on the left was.

I'm left footed and I can still remember noticing that Davie was as well.

That might be where the love in started for me but what a player he was.

There's no superlatives that can do Davie Cooper justice. He was and still is the best player to play for Rangers in my eyes.

I know that's subjective and I know many will argue the toss on who is the greatest ever player to adorn the famous shirt but Davie wins for me every time.

Coop was taken from us far too soon. He collapsed suddenly shortly after a coaching class where he was teaching kids and it hit me like a lightning bolt.

I was twenty four when he passed. I was working that day and someone walked into my work and told me.

I had to go straight into the staff room, I was welling up. I just couldn't believe it.

My hero was gone. I patched work, cancelled all my appointments and went home and cried like a baby. (I actually still get emotional thinking about that day, I remember it like yesterday).

I drove down to the stadium that night, and the night after, then a few times more in the coming days.

I've never seen such a groundswell of sorrow as I witnessed down at Ibrox in the days that passed.

That's what he meant to me and I took solace from the fact he had touched so many others like me.

Davie was brilliant. He only had one foot (the right was for standing on). He could appear lazy, disinterested and not be in the game at all. Then boom, one touch from him, past his marker and goal!

When Souness arrived in 1986, Davie must've thought his time may be up with so many superstars turning up at the club. Not a chance, he was a first pick and with the added quality those stars provided, Coop was in his element.

Looking back, I'm so happy that Davie managed to be such a massive part of the success that Rangers had in those years thereafter.

I could write about him all day. He was my hero and he is the biggest reason why some forty odd years later I'm still in love with Rangers.

He helped to make me who I am today and my only regret is that I never had the privilege to meet the great man.

He won thirteen major honours at Rangers. He won the Scottish Cup with Motherwell in what's been widely acclaimed as the best cup final Scotland's ever seen and he was a stalwart for Scotland as well.

The man was a genius. He could do things with a ball I've still never seen anyone else do to this day.

He may not be yours, but he is my Greatest Ever Ranger.The Moody Blue. My Hero.

Ninja - @kenny47110

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