Statement: Sports Direct

By This Is Ibrox
 July 1, 2020

In light of Rangers' recent statement regarding the ensuing Sports Direct matter, This Is Ibrox must speak out.

The posts from official Sports Direct social media pages were, of course, alarming, but we are content that Rangers have cleared things up.

Sports Direct has bought stock in our new 20/21 home kit. We have ended all ties with Mike Ashley. It is of paramount importance that that is made clear.

The only way that SD can profit from our kit is if fans buy anywhere else other than Rangers/Castore directly.

We urge all fans to ensure the success of Rangers' new partnership by buying directly from official Rangers and Castore stores ONLY.

We are disappointed that Castore would choose to sell their products to Sports Direct, even if it means Rangers profit. The fans have spent too long fighting against all associates with Frasers Group. The club should have made this clearer to fans sooner.

Rangers will only succeed, and Sports Direct will only collapse if everyone chooses to shop with Rangers/Castore only. Do not buy anywhere else.

Don't be a giant mug. Buy direct or from Castore. #DontBeAMug

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