Brian Laudrup

By Adam Robertson
 September 27, 2020

Brian Laudrup - Jarl of Ibrox

Brian Laudrup - Jarl of Ibrox

Once, Britain was split by a thing called the Danelaw, within that Danes ruled as Kings (or Jarls). All that came to an end in circa 954AD but there was a brief revival of Danish Kingship down Govan way between 1994 and 1998.

As sleek as a longship and as dangerous as a Viking raider Laudrup had everything. Speed, touch, passing, finishing as well as the ability to go left or right with ease. There was also the desire and drive. No luxury player histronics.

Many a defence were left pillaged across Scotland, burnt out and left dazed by genuine world-class talent. 

The Danes are Kings no more, and in this fans opinion, Jarl Laudrup’s crown shall never be claimed.

Tommy McIntyre - @tommynglasgow

Rangers fc charity foundation - legends challenge

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