Brian Laudrup

By Adam Robertson
 September 20, 2020

Brian Laudrup - Beautiful

Brian Laudrup - Beautiful

It’s just as well that Brian Laudrup could play football because he was otherwise lumbered with all the genetic disadvantages that a poor boy could suffer. Okay, so maybe not, but expectations are high when your older brother is Michael Laudrup. And yet, when Denmark unexpectedly entered and won the 1992 Euros it was only Brian representing the Laudrups, and his return to the international fold would then lead him to Italy, after success and popularity in Germany, before entering our lives in 1994. 

If we’ve ever had a more beautiful player than Laudrup I’ve failed to register him. True, Rangers have enjoyed quite the record when it comes to explosive or tantalising or just bloody vital wingers throughout the years but Brian Laudrup seemed to float. Not that he was always stuck on the wing – you don’t buy an Aston Martin and then keep it for trips into the village – but wherever he glided and roamed something of aesthetic value was likely to occur. 

He was also part of a double act, in the sense that for some it’s hard to separate the period where we had both Laudrup and Gascoigne. 

I believe – and say elsewhere – that Gazza was probably the more exciting (at least partly because of the unpredictability) but if pushed I’d prefer the Danish Prince, purely on the grounds that there’s something to me about a player in full flow that satisfies. But there’s no great argument to be had: it’s merely personal preference that favours Laudrup. That and the fact he didn’t score a bloody wonder goal against Scotland when he represented his country. 

But consider this: He has a cup final named after him when a striker scored a hat-trick in that game. He may have single-handedly caused a fellow professional to become a candidate for Carstairs. His hair achieved a sentient independence and has an account on Twitter that tries to pretend it is a real, flesh and blood, Rangers fan. I could go on.


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