Andy Goram

By Adam Robertson
 September 4, 2020

Andy Goram Rangers fc

Andy Goram - Phenomenon

Death and taxes; these are life’s constants, or so Benjamin Franklin would have it, and he was right, bar one 7 year-period. From 1991 to 1998 you needed to add ‘and Goram saves'. 

Lacking the modern athletes physique, blessed with two dodgy knees and late to the giving out height ceremony Goram was a phenomenon and rightly takes his place as Rangers' greatest ‘keeper ever. 

Anyone who has seen the Van Hooijdonk save will attest to having seen magic way before David Blanie and Dynamo. 

Consistent but especially so against our rivals, not for nothing did Tommy Burns say “When I pass away, it will say on my tombstone: Andy Goram broke his heart".

Tommy McIntyre - @tommynglasgow

Rangers fc charity foundation - legends challenge

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