Andy Goram

By Adam Robertson
 September 18, 2020

Andy Goram - Famous Night at Elland Road

Andy Goram - Famous Night at Elland Road

There is a small glitch in the collective memory of the Rangers support that supposes that the solidity of Walter Smith's defensive unit in his second spell as manager was as prevalent during his first. In particular, that the success of 1992/93 and the key Old Firm battles that secured the Nine were built upon the same kind of platform. It wasn't the case. At times it was all Goram. On that famous night at Elland Road, Leeds Utd broke through the Rangers lines time and again, only to be thwarted by the best goalkeeper in Britain. It should be of no surprise that when Goram struggled for fitness between 1993-95 (where he missed more than half of both seasons) Rangers suffered greatly but when he returned to regular action for those final two seasons of 9IAR, he was simply the difference between a legendary success and an infamous failure. 

Perhaps the biggest testament to his place on the Rangers pantheon is that, despite the class of Woods, Klos and McGregor in the modern era, there is an undisputed number one: The Goalie.

Martyn Ramsay - @hobbes_ff

Rangers fc charity foundation - legends challenge

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