Andy Goram

By Adam Robertson
 September 27, 2020

Andy Goram - Andy Goram Broke My Heart

Andy Goram - Andy Goram Broke My Heart

It’s not often UEFA make a rule that does Rangers a favour; but back in the early 1990’s that’s exactly what happened. 
The three foreigners rule meant a serious overhaul of the squad was needed. Wasting a non Scots place on a goalkeeper seemed daft so out went England’s number one and in came The Goalie. 

Arguably the best keeper ever to don that famous yellow - or white; or red or black or rainbow - jersey though you’d be forgiven for wondering just what Walter had signed when Andy Goram stood motionless as a long-range hit from Scott Crabbe flew into the top corner on his league debut. 

We’d soon realise that was an outlier as Andy made crucial save after crucial save during a spectacularly glittering career. 

“Andy Goram Broke My Heart” was famously said by a rival manager at the end of one title season. 

Andy Goram gave great joy to my heart on more occasions than I can remember and remains as entertaining today off the pitch as he was on it. 

Wilf Marshall - @Wilf1872

Rangers fc charity foundation - legends challenge

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